Travelogues By Travellers

About Us is a beautiful venture where travellers who have, in life, felt the beauty of the world register their experiences. True accounts, true experiences, true feelings and more. That’s why Travelogues By Travellers. An online portal that can take your mind to the places you thought life would or would never show you.

What can do for you?
We believe that no one can account for the world better than the one who has seen it in reality, so Traveloguers brings you real experience of people around the globe who have recorded their true travel experiences for us. The truth behind the enigma of travelling into the realms of earth where people have marked their sense in reality. The real stories that we grow up hearing and we bring the stigma of childhood and the enigma of life.

When did came into existence?
We started in April, 2018, and hope to make our mark around the globe bringing you the best of knowledge, information and true stories of places that you may have thought to visit sometime but couldn’t make it or are still in the corner of your bucket lists.

What you can do for
As Traveloguers is a travellers’ account of the real life adventures in the world, we can become the souvenir of the adventure…the travel diary…the expression of the feeling on the top of the world for you. If you think you can express what you felt standing on different locations in life then do contact us. Because we might be exactly what you were looking for.

Where is going?
With the hourly basis growing family of Traveloguers, we are not much far away from the point where each of your travel diary will reach the world to know. An elucidated account of the time you spent to inspire, beautify and even make jealous(ahem ahem..) the people who read it.

Where can be kept close?
If you believe that the best of the life is not in a huge but stuck life, instead is in a backpack….like a wanderer, then you would not want to miss any opportunity to remain close and updated about us.