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Fairytale Time At Disneyland Hong Kong

Day 1 – fun fun at Disneyland If you visit Hong Kong more than once and Disneyland is one of your favorite places, then you definitely need to stop by Hong Kong’s fun park. Fun rollercoaster rides, mystic houses , you know all the cool stuff Disney has. Price?600 HK dollars/60 euros. Too expensive?I’d say no; you get to spend a whole day inside the...

Lac de Joux

Camping in Switzerland’s Vallée de Joux

When we crossed from Germany into Switzerland we were downhearted by our first glimpses of Basel which doesn’t give a great first impression from the motorway. Fortunately after 20 minutes the scenery became vibrant green and very pleasant indeed. The grass looks so lush and the hills are scattered with pine trees and small wooden cabins. We turned off the...