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Singapore In 3 days

We wanted to celebrate our friend’s birthday in Singapore. It was a special occasion for us and our holiday was customized around it. Singapore, a versatile and mesmerizing destination was perfect for me and my three other friends, as we were looking forward to witnessing its theme parks, beaches, adventure places, and the breath-taking infrastructure
This getaway trip to Singapore was additionally expected to relieve everyone of us from the hustles of day by day life and unwind in an ideal way among the company of friends– and I am upbeat to say that every last bit of it went as smoothly as we needed.

I booked a reasonable Singapore travel package from one of the noticeable tour providers. In the wake of raising a demand on their platform, we were associated with different travel agents on their platform who furnished us with numerous itineraries and quotes according to our necessities. After picking our coveted spending plan and facilities for the trip, we were extremely anticipating our vacation after a hassle-free reserving process.
We loaded onto our flights from Delhi, India on 15th March,18 and reached Singapore in around 8′ o check in the night and upon our entry, were transferred to our hotel. Upon our arrival at the hotel, we were welcomed generously by the hotel staff and were assigned to our room. After having a reviving and flavorful dinner, we retired in our rooms for some rest, and also to start our Singapore exploring from the next morning.

Day 1: Experiencing the great Universal Studios

Our first day was made planning for the euphoric and acclaimed Universal Studios. Our friend’s birthday was also on this day. After cutting the cake and having a superbly delicious breakfast, we set off for the tour. An ideal blend of various pop cultures, Universal Studios was a tremendous visual party.

The rides of each fragment took us to an intriguing world that was one of its kind. The rides went from frightening to adventure to interesting and enthralling. Despite the fact that we needed to explore more, the time had come to proceed onward. According to our schedule, our next stop was the Flower Dome and Garden By The Bay and that too was a decent affair. Universal Studios is a place I didn’t have a craving for leaving.

There are such a significant number of captivating rides thus much to do that a whole day just passed by like a glimmer. Transformers, Battlestar Galactica and The Revenge of the Mummy were the rides we enjoyed the most. Out of the considerable number of zones, the Sci-Fi Zone is one place that must not be missed.

At night, we saw an unfathomable 4-D show at Far Away Castle. I have seen some 4-D show back in India, yet those were way off the mark to this one as far as quality. Following a great day at Universal Studios, we came back to the hotel at 10 pm for the night.

 Day 2: Visiting the charming Sentosa Island

In the wake of having our breakfast at the hotel, we were prepared to investigate Sentosa Island on our second day in Singapore.

This island is itself a little nation in itself. With such a large number of sections of land to stroll through, there was also transportation running starting with one purpose of destination then onto the next.

We explored “Imbiah Look Out” for some cool rides and it was trailed by the “Siloso Beach”. The beaches here are soothing and we could truly appreciate the beautiful magnificence since there were no diversions of water sports. Later in the day, we saw Sea Aquarium to find the submerged life. Here we additionally spotted some exquisite submerged species. By the day’s end we saw “Wings of Time-Water Fountain Show”, and it was extremely hypnotizing. With such a significant number of stunning touring places, Sentosa Island felt like a shopping center of attractions where we saw some mind-blowing spot to visit at each step of our way. After completion touring on the second day of our birthday celebration tour in Singapore, we came back to the hotel for the night.

Day 3: Sightseeing in Singapore before heading back home!

On the last day, we intended to explore the main city of Singapore and its breathtaking infrastructure. The last day was a day of relaxation and our sightseeing was included exploring the streets of this beautiful place, shopping and taking some exquisite souvenirs as memories.

Around 4.30 pm we prepared for a visit to the Gardens by the Bay-a gigantic 250-section of land amusement stop devoted to a wide range of plants and trees. There, we found the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest as the best attractions in the nature stop.

After visiting these places, we went to our hotel and packed our bags for checking out. We then boarded the 8 P.M flight back to India.

Singapore was an astonishing and brimming with relief experience for us! My friends fully appreciated everything that it had on offer and before the finish of the trip, were infatuated with the surprises this beautiful country gave us. Our trip was efficiently organized by our tour provider. The hotel was likewise great and their staff was additionally extremely generous.
High Point of the excursion:

Wings of Time – The water fountain show was worth viewing. Do not miss it. Apart from that, do visit Universal Studios. It’s a magical place. It is a brilliant show on water with lights effect. Go grab the front row and make the most out of it.

Low Point of the excursion:
Visit the “Blossom Cloud” and “Garden By the Bay” was not as engaging as expected. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sights to see, but not much of activities were involved.

Tips for explorers:
Do go for a pre-booking for hotels.
Carry lots of sunscreen with you on this trip.

Weather in Singapore

Its mostly hot and humid in Singapore with uncertain rain showers, So be prepared to get wet and have fun on the streets of SG.

I am a finance personnel by profession and a travel blogger by passion. I am a traveler converted into a story teller.

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