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Fairytale Time At Disneyland Hong Kong

Day 1 – fun fun at Disneyland

If you visit Hong Kong more than once and Disneyland is one of your favorite places, then you definitely need to stop by Hong Kong’s fun park. Fun rollercoaster rides, mystic houses , you know all the cool stuff Disney has. Price?600 HK dollars/60 euros. Too expensive?I’d say no; you get to spend a whole day inside the park and still not able to experience all of the place’s attractions.

Disneyland main entrance- wearing the fancy Minnie head-band ears

Oddly enough by the age of 30 I wasn’t able/curios to visit a Disney park so this was as any good time as ever to do it. Me and my boyfriend decided we would try and see all the possible attractions of the place even if we did expect long queues and lots of walking.

Fan of rollercoasters?

Yeah you get plenty of them there but don’t expect any Six flags kind of rollercoasters. I for one don’t really enjoy too much adrenaline so I had to let myself dragged into one of those(which eventually were three or four) but definitely the Star Wars rollercoaster in the dark was the one where I said “ yeap we are not doing this again”

Before boarding the rollercoaster- trying to act all chill

But definitely my favorite ride was the The Grizzly Gulch! Going forward and then backwards the ride was a killer fun especially when you approached the roaring brown bears inside the mines. I am pretty sure I was the one screaming the loudest 🤣

The Grizzly Gulch seen from outside

If you are not really a fan of rollercoasters and up for more of a mystery kind of ride The Mystic Manor is also a good option. I would keep toddlers or 3-4 year olds as it can get pretty scary for them. It’s a 5 minute booth ride through a house where the naughty monkey decides to open a magic chest lettig evil spirits run free. I was a bit jumpy at times as you didn’t know what exactly to expect but then I was reminded that I am Disneyland and it can never get too scary.

Packing up a lunch? not be a bad idea

I have to say I was a bit disappointed when we tried to get something to eat and it took us a while till we were able to find a restaurant that was open or something that resembled a place to get some food. Eventually we contented ourselves with a food cart that sold some hotdogs and grilled squid. Definitely the food section was either heavy curry rice or a narrow selection of meat dishes or the carts. The curry rice not something we wanted really as it was boiling hot that day and a heavy lunch was the last thing we needed

And just as all things appear when you don’t need them anymore We afterwards bumped into a nice coffee place so we said what the heck it’s time for a good cappuccino and some dessert

Yeap exhausted is the right word to describe my face🤣

No we didn’t take any pictures with the Disney characters one because the ones we saw passing by people were already lining up to wait for them and those who we wanted well we couldn’t actually spot them. But yes we did get to see the parade and it was kind of fun to watch but too tired to stay and watch till the end.

Two of the sevend dwarfs posing cutely

Day 2 –  assuming you’re spending a weekend in Hong Kong

Now if you have an extra day and you had enough of Disneyland tours, I definitely recommend taking the tram up to Victoria Peak. At a first glance this is just another top of the mountain location where you can enjoy a fantastic panorama of …skyscrapers. And if you live in a city like New York for example you’ll think that this presents nothing special but I do believe that each view has its own magic

Me trying some yoga moves in front of a spectacular view

As I was saying earlier to get to the top you will have to take the tram( pretty sure you can also try hiking to the top, it will take you 2-3 hours ). I am a fan of hiking but the tram experience is definitely unique, you see the tall blocks of flats inclining as you go up the steep hill and feel your back really pressed against the chair. The tram is an amazing structure from my point of view holding up to 100 people inside and with almost 120 years of service

View from the tram as you’re going up the hill

Now once you’ reached the top there’s plenty of things to do other than enjoying the magical skyline. A lot of tourists prefer to enjoy the evening skyline with the lit buildings gives you a different perspective, but I figured I’ve seen enough nighttime panorama lately so the daytime one should do just fine. A platform at the top of a shopping center gives you an even better glance at Hong Kong. Of course expect the group of photographers that are just there waiting for you to take their services for crazy like pics( holding your head down from the top of the peak or magically standing on top of one of the skyscrapers). I for one like realistic pictures even if they might not be as interesting as the “faked” ones.

The platform/tram station/shopping center

And if you are really desperate of hiking or long walking ( as I was) don’t worry there are many hiking trails around the peak that can fill your time there. We took one that lasted about an hour back and forth and even if it was a normal paved path we enjoyed the variety of panorama.

Getting hungry?

I guess after a long hike at the Victoria Peak hunger must start setting in and finding a good place to eat (and cheap) might get challenging in Hong Kong. As we stayed in an area near a place called the Night market we found there these restaurants which served good local food even if not very fancy or too clean. Don’t worry we ate there twice and we didn’t get food poisoning so it’s safe.

And if you do get there order the spicy crab ( the restaurant’s specifically, which they charge accordingly but totally worth it).

The delicious spicy crab which cost us an arm and a leg

You’ve filled your stomach with this tasty crab and had a beer or two, now you really need to take a walk and digest the dinner and what better way than to shop around the night market and maybe even    get a bargain on a bag or some souvenirs. Yeah you know it Chinese like to haggle so prepare to be a fierce adversary! The more you lower your price the more they are willing to bargain, or something like that. I was never good at negotiating so this is not so much fun for me😂

The Night Market street

So there you go : two fully exciting days in Hong Kong if you are passing by or just in a rush.



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