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Beautiful Bali, Fall In Love With Its Beauty

Known for its famous beaches, coral reefs, volcanic mountains, and rice paddies is an island called Bali. A paradise where everybody wants to visit for its exotic beauty.

My trip to Bali was amazing. I had a week of stay in a paradise, exploring places as much as I could. I took a night flight from Bangkok to Ngurah Rai International Airport. Since I was arriving past midnight, I decided to book a place near the airport as well as a taxi to pick me up. With nothing much to see much after midnight, I just checked in and took a rest and be ready for the next day.

Grab and Uber are banned in Bali, however, tourists are using them and they are way cheaper than the normal taxis.

Well well well… The second day has come and I was very very much excited to see the paradise with my boyfriend. We moved to the next hotel we booked, it was quite a beautiful and spacious room they have. We stayed in Kuta for three days. We had enough time to explore the place.

Things To Do in Kuta

  • Rent a motorbike and look around the area.
  • Explore the beaches around.
  • Watch the sunset on the beach.
  • Try Balinese dishes.
  • Experience Balinese massage.

The first thing you should do is to rent a motorbike like what we did to wander around. A lot of motorbike rentals anywhere so, no need to worry. You can find them wherever. Renting a bike is way cheaper than taking a public transportation. It can save your time from traffic in the city, as well as your pocket. Also, always remember when riding a bike to be very careful of your belongings, especially mobile phone and bags. I had a not so good experience with this. While I was at the back of the bike on the way back to our hotel, I was checking my phone because we were not familiar with the place. We were checking our GPS and stopped on the side of the road for a little while to check which way we should go when suddenly another motorbike coming from our back snatched the phone from my hand… BOOM! my phone is gone forever. Anyway, just a reminder guys, be extra cautious.

Many people go to Kuta Beach and Double Six Beach to get a glimpse of the sunset. Tell you guys, it is an amazing experience to be there. The beach is very crowded at this time of the day but it is definitely worth to be there and experience the stunning view.


Local food is a must when traveling. In order to experience the culture, you should try the local dish. Of all the foods that I tried in Bali, Nasi Goreng is my favorite. You can find local restaurants everywhere in the area. Here are some of the foods I tried there.


Never miss a chance of pampering yourself after a long day in the paradise. Why not try some Balinese style massage to relax? You will definitely love it. The way the masseuse/masseur massages your body is absolutely relaxing.

Having done so many things, it’s time to move to an island nearby which is called Nusa Penida.

Nusa Penida

It is an hour ferry ride from the mainland Bali. Leaving from Pantai Sanur, we took the ferry around 8:30 in the morning arriving there an hour later. What we did upon arrival was to look for some motorbike rentals to get around the island. Had it fueled full tank so we won’t be having trouble finding some gasoline stations on the road. Not much gasoline stations anyway, but some locals sell petrol on the road. The roads are not so nice, it is almost rough roads and steep and curvy. So, watch out driving guys, you might end up falling off a cliff if you are not careful. As it is quoted “Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”, roaming around Nusa Penida was a perfect example of this. Reaching your destination will leave you in awe and speechless of the beauty of nature. One of which is the amazing view of Kelingking Beach having a shape of a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. All activities are done at your own risk. We stayed here quite a while to chill and enjoy the view taking as many photos as we could.


After 3 hours of enjoying the view and relaxing, we were all set to hit the road again. Another one-hour motorbike ride from Kelingking Beach. Enjoying the humpy and bumpy ride, we reached the Broken Beach. A unique structure of rocks you shouldn’t miss when going to Nusa Penida. It all pays to have your body pained seeing those wonderful formations of rocks and cliffs. The beauty is one of a kind. I was literally sitting on the edge of the cliff. We didn’t cover all the places in Nusa Penida coz we have to catch the last trip of the ferry back to the mainland. Even if we had just a day on the island, it was a worthwhile experience.

I also do recommend to take a private tour. It includes the car and the driver for the whole day and he will take you which places you want to visit. we took a 3-day tour and save a lot from that. The areas we covered were Ubud and south part of Bali.


The beautiful rice paddies, Hindu temples, and shrines can be found in Ubud. Waterfalls are also amazing to visit. The first stop our driver brought us was Batuan Temple. The structure is perfect with delicate carvings. You will be amazed by the beauty of it.

After Butuan Temple, we headed to Tegenungan Waterfall. At that time it was drizzling so the water was not so clear but then it is one of the most visited spots in Ubud. You should probably spare some time to be here.

Also, eat lunch with the view of Mt. Batur. It is absolutely stunning dining while looking at the perfect view of a volcano. We were there for lunch and then after eating took some time to take pictures 🙂

Rice paddies and Bali swing are also should be on the list.


Nyangnyang Beach

It is not easy to reach this beach coz you have to go up and down on a rocky road but reaching there, I’ll tell you guys, it is breathtaking. The struggle is real.Hehe Not many people visit this beach. We were there early and the beach was all ours. It is a nice spot for surfing.

Tanah Lot Temple

One more place I recommend to visit is Tanah Lot Temple where you can experience the beauty of a sunset. Many tourists, as well as locals, go there to relax and see the sun goes down. Experience the waves crashing the big rocks and the temple.

Experience the beauty of Bali. Plan a trip and enjoy the exotic island with great views to see. Make sure to visit as many places as you can. A week of my stay in Bali was not enough though, but definitely, I will go back and visit other spots and and see more of its nature. 🙂


I am Jaezzir and it is always my passion to travel and explore the beauty of the world. I am an English Teacher and currently based in Thailand. I love to write about the places I visited. Let me be your story-teller.

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