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Author - Brodiejdeverell

Hi I'm Brodie, I have been travelling about now for the past few years. I have managed to visit over 30 countries now throughout Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. Instead of the list of places to visit getting smaller it only seems to be expanding. I have now started a travel blog at and hope to share my new and old experiences with whoever is interested. Travelling has become a real passion of mine, the different cultures, food and ways of life are something I can't get enough of.

Highlights Between Cape Town And Victoria Falls

Africa has always been one of those places I have seen on TV via travel shows and just been in complete awe of how amazingly raw it looks, how free the wildlife roams and how simple the way of life seemed to be. Recently I got to experience all of this when I done a safari tour from Cape Town, South Africa to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. It was a 22 day tour that...