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A Week to Explore the Silicon Valley of the East, Penang

Are you a street art lover? Nature lover? A foodie? A coffeeholic? Fond of arts and museums? Then you are reading the right blog for you.

Moneky Cup, Penang Hill

I traveled to Penang because I love street arts, I love drinking coffee (coffee is life), I am interested in trying various delicacies, and most of all I am a nature lover. These are just some of the few reasons why my feet brought me to Penang.

Ferry ride (Butterworth to Pulau Pinang)

Penang is located on the northwestern part of Malaysia. It has two parts, the mainland Penang, and the island of Penang.  The capital of Penang Island is Georgetown whereas, the mainland is also called Seberang Perai. Penang is best known for its delicious and succulent food with a taste of diverse culture. Malay food mixed with an Indian and Chinese dish. Street arts in Georgetown are also one of the reasons why many tourists visit Penang. It is in fact listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.

Day 1 – Exploring the Street Arts in Georgetown

Lebuh Ah Quee, Georgetown
Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

It is named after the British King George III and it is the capital of Pulau Penang. Many nationalities live in Georgetown comprising Chinese as the majority of them. Other nationalities are Indians, Malays, Chinese and Nepalis. Because of this, Penang embraces diverse ethnicities and cultures. In 2008 it was listed as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site. Georgetown is a colorful area surrounded by eye-catching, imaginative, huge street arts on every corner.

Mosque (Georgetown)


Hindu Temple (Georgetown)

The first thing I did when I was in Penang was to go to Georgetown because I wanted to see the huge, beautiful and playful street arts. I was amazed by how they were carefully made by various artists. It’s interesting and pleasant to the eyes. I love how they’re painted on every side of the wall. I did not mind the heat of the sun just to see the beautiful works of arts.

Kid on the Chair (Georgetown)

Day 2 – Eat Like a Local (Foodie)


Are you looking for a really good and delicious food to eat? Penang is the answer to your cravings. Penang has a number of choices to choose from. It may be Indian food, Chinese food, Malay food, name them, you can find them all in Penang. As what other people said, “You have never been to Penang if you never tried their mouthwatering food”.

The top five foods you should try while in Penang.
Nasi Lemak
Chicken Biryani
Laksa in Air Itam
Ice Kachang 🙂
Noodles (Queensbay Foodcourt)

Day 3 – Climb Up the Penang Hill

Penang Hill is 6 kilometers away from Georgetown, and it is the highest peak in Penang. It is 800 meters above sea level so, expect it to be a little bit cooler than Georgetown. I did not have enough time to hike up Penang Hill coz I woke up late at that time. Instead of hiking to the peak of the Hill, we took the train for 35 MYR for one way.

Day 4 – Visit Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si is the largest Buddhist Temple in Malaysia. It is located in Air Itam and it is not far from Penang Hill. The temple faces the sea so, expect a breathtaking view from the top. There are thousands of hanging lanterns surrounded the temple. The landscape is also beautiful.  There are pagodas and prayer halls. Tourists flock during Chinese New Year. A lot of souvenir shops on your exit to the temple.

Kek Lok Si Temple
Kek Lok Si Temple

Day 5 – Enjoy The Penang Botanic Gardens and Drive to Batu Feringghi

“Penang Botanic Gardens”

Penang Botanic Garden

Penang Botanic Gardens is located in Jalan Kebun Bunga. There are different species of exotic plants and it is carefully landscaped. Macaques are everywhere in this place so watch out because they are sometimes cheeky, playful and wild monkeys. Penang Botanic Garden is famous because of its beautiful landscape. Different species of trees and flowers are here.

So many things activities to do in this place. With the peaceful and green environment, walking, jogging, sightseeing, and relaxing are just of the great things that you can enjoy.

Prenup Pictorial ( Penang Botanic Garden)

Batu Ferringhi

Another famous place to visit in Penang is Batu Ferringhi. A place should not be missed when visiting Penang. Located on the northern coast of the island is a long stretch of soft white sand. Souvenir shops, seafood restaurants, hotels, and cafes are just along the road. So, expect that going up there is a little bit traffic coz it is one of the top tourist’s destinations in Penang.

Day 6 – Going to the Snake Temple

Entrance (Snake Temple)

The Penang Snake Temple is located in Bayan Lepas. It is most likely 3 kilometers away from Penang International Airport. It is also known as Pure Cloud Temple. It is built in 1875 honoring the memory of Chor Soo Kong. He was a Buddhist monk and people believe that he had healing powers. It is told that the monk gave shelter to the snakes.

It was a rainy day when we went to the temple. Personally, I did not really like the temple because it has snakes everywhere, but if you are a fan of snakes you will definitely enjoy it there.

Snake Temple

Day 7 – Museums in Penang

Two of the museums I visited while in Penang were “Dark Mansion” and “Made in Penang Interactive Museum“. If you enjoy picture taking and interactively posing, these two museums are a great way to enjoy while having a vacation in Penang.

Made in Penang Interactive Museum

Entrance (with the Prime Minister)

It is located near Penang Pier, full of 3D paintings, you will surely enjoy fun posing and picture taking while inside the museum. It is a combination of history, culture, and fun.

Dark Mansion

Dark Mansion
Dark Mansion

Dark Mansion is a 3D glow in the dark museum. It is a modern art museum and one of the most visited places in Penang. Kids will definitely love the effects inside the museum.


I am Jaezzir and it is always my passion to travel and explore the beauty of the world. I am an English Teacher and currently based in Thailand. I love to write about the places I visited. Let me be your story-teller.

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